Maximum Range
2,100 nm
Maximum Cruise Speed
441 kats
Maximum Passengers
Full Fuel Load
800 lb
Takeoff Field Length
3,600 ft


Introducing the boundary-breaking CITATION XLS Gen2 jet. Technological precision and thoughtful design meet in an intuitive aircraft engineered for exceptional journeys. Inspired by you. Your passion. Your mission. Your vision.

The XLS Gen2 jet’s first-class cabin is redesigned for superior comfort and greater productivity. New ergonomically designed leather seats. Enhanced lighting that sets the tone for business or relaxation. And updated cabin technology, such as first-in-class wireless smartphone charging and the Clairity cabin management system, put you in charge from the comfort of your seat. In the flight deck, COLLINS AEROSPACE PRO LINE 21 avionics deliver NextGen performance.

The XLS Gen2 aircraft experience ensures your team arrives rested and prepared for whatever challenges the day brings.


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