October 8, 2018

Textron Aviation continues to promote program towards the certification of the Cessna Citation Longitude

WICHITA, Kan. (May 9, 2017) – TextronAviation Inc., to Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) Company, added its fourth super-sized Cessna Citation Longitude to the aviation test fleet, driving the program toward advance certification of the Administration Federal Aviation later this year. The aircraft, which is designed with a complete configuration inside, will be used to evaluate the fit and finish of the interior, as well as the environmental control system, pressurization and cockpit technologies.

The ship took flight for the first time on Saturday, May 6, from the company Beech Field in East Wichita. Textron Aviation commissioned test pilots Andrew Peters and Brian Gigax to take a complete tour with the plane, lasting 3 hours and 20 minutes of flight in which the plane completed all performance objectives.

“With the fourth aircraft now flying in the Longitude testing program in less than 8 months, we are demonstrating that our product development process and our team are second to none in the industry,” said Brad Thress, Senior Vice President of Engineering. “In addition to the future of the system tests, this fourth plane allows us to evaluate the overall experience of the passenger in the cabin, which is as important as the performance and technology in the cabin.”

The first Citation Longitude flew in October of 2016 and to date the flight tests have completed more than 200 flights, accumulating an approximate of 400 hours.

Class leader comfort

The Citation Longitude is set to raise the expectations of the passenger in this class of aircraft by delivering the quietest cabin with the lowest altitude (5,950 feet), plus standard amenities and features, custom interior with superior fit and finish. With capacity for up to 12 passengers, including an optional crew jump seat, the Citation Longitude also features a solid 6-foot flat-deck cab. A standard double configuration that allows more space for the legs. Seats equipped for storage that are designed and manufactured at home and a leading class corridor for accessibility on the flight.

Natural light that passes through 15 windows positioned along the cabin for an optimal view. A large gallery that offers versatility to meet the needs that passengers require. The latest generation cabin technology allows passengers to manage their environment and entertainment from any mobile device, with standard internet to generate greater productivity on the flight.

Revolutionary performance

Textron Aviation announced in October 2016 that the Longitude had achieved a range of 3,500 nautical miles, an increase of 100 nautical miles, and a load capacity of 1,600 pounds, an increase of 100 pounds, also establishing the anticipated leadership of the aircraft in your segment.

The clean design of the Longitude is integrated by the latest technology throughout the plane, with the need to provide customers with the lowest purchase cost of this class. It has a latest generation Garmin G5000 flight console and is powered by FADEC Honeywell HTF7700L engines with integrated automatic accelerators. With the option of opting for a bedside display and improved vision capability, the Longitude facilitates vision on the flight. The spacious flight cabin incorporates an ergonomic design that focuses on equipment comfort and efficiency.

No medium-sized jet in the business offers more range, better load capacity or higher speed at a lower cost than expected in its entirety. The Longitude is designed to provide longer maintenance intervals in its class – 800 hours or 18 months – which makes it more cost effective to operate in its category.