October 5, 2018

Garmin announces launch of its new integrated “Head-Up” screen

GHD 2100 represents Garmin’s first experience in the head-up display market.

Image; The GHD 2100 offers a 30-degree wide-angle view of the relevant flight information right in front of the pilot.

Following its participation in the world of business aircraft, Garmin announced a “head-up” visualization system to complement its integrated flight coverages. The Garmin Head-up display (GHD 2100) offers a 30-degree wide-angle view showing pertinent flight information right in front of the pilot, shortening the time spent looking down and facilitating the transition from IMC to visual conditions .

“Industry studies indicate that flying with a HUD is safer in reduced visibilities, deteriorating weather conditions and in challenging environments,” said Garmin vice president of sales and marketing, Carl Wolf. “We have worked hard to harmonize the GHD and Garmin’s integrated flight platforms so that pilots have a perfect flight experience throughout the cabin.”

In addition to the main flight data, flight route information and attitude, the GHD 2100 can display synthetic vision, a flight director based on flight path marker and SurfaceWatch, which helps pilots avoid landing or take off of the wrong track based on performance data. Garmin also plans to integrate views from external cameras, such as enhanced vision systems, into the GHD 2100.

The integration of Garmin’s GHD 2100 allows bizjet operators to pursue CAT I and CAT II approach minimums for ILS approaches.

The GHD system is designed for light, medium and super-medium business aircraft, it is offered mainly with the G3000 and G5000 avionics suites. Garmin says it will also be compatible with other integrated Garmin systems. Textron Aviation is committed to offering the system in its Cessna Citation Longitude, which is equipped with the integrated flight deck G5000.