The Robinson R22 Beta II fly around the world for many applications, ranging from flight training to gather cattle to patrol pipes that require reliability, low operating costs, and performance.
The R22 Beta II incorporates a four-cylinder, Lycoming O-360 equipped carburetor engine powered by 100L grade aviation gasoline. This 145 hp engine is reduced to 131 horsepower for five minutes at takeoff and 124 hp for continuous operation. A powerful engine, a fuselage of lightweight steel tubes, and the aerodynamic shape of the R22 offers a cruising speed of up to 90 knots and an average fuel consumption of only 7-10 gallons per hour.
The R22 has capacity for two adults and occupants have panoramic views, due to the large windows of the R22. Acoustic foam reduces cabin noise. A high-end muffler and low-speed tail-rotor tip reduce overflight noise.

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