October 8, 2018

Aviaservice welcomes a new member of its fleet

The aeronautical company with Johnnie Walker Blue Label offered a toast at the prestigious Freites Gallery located in Las Mercedes on April 28, as part of the alliance between these two companies with the aim of strengthening ties and rewarding clients and prospects with the pleasure to make them feel VIP.

The cultural atmosphere of the Galería Freites in Las Mercedes served both brands to gather a select group of people and celebrate Aviaservice as the new exclusive representative of Cessna in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and the Netherlands Antilles.

Aviaservice is a national company with more than 30 years of experience in Venezuela that currently has operations in 3 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. They are exclusive representatives of two of the most important brands in private aircraft in the world, Beechcraft and Cessna. With extensive experience in the aeronautical market, the airline specializes in after-sales service, repairs and has the ability to make installations of various parts and modernizations in the various aircraft with products of the highest quality.

The meeting was set with the marvelous works of the master Jacobo Borges, accompanied by fine jazz notes and other details that made the guests enjoy the night in the best style of the brand.

The alliance between Aviaservice and Johnnie Walker Blue Label, showed the common values ​​between both brands, demonstrating the luxury and comfort that characterize each one. You could also see the attention to detail, the quality of the service offered and personalized attention, making each guest feel an exceptional exclusivity.