October 8, 2018

Aviaservice consolidates the representation of Cessna in Venezuela

The aeronautical company Aviaservice officially became the new exclusive representative of Cessna Textron Aviation in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and the Caribbean.

Caracas, May 2016-.Aviaservice, a national company in the corporate aviation market with more than 30 years of experience, with operations in more than 3 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, now adds to its repertoire of brands represented by CESSNA.

For Aviaservice, the exclusive representative of recognized brands in aeronautics such as BEECHCRAFT, having CESSNA as a represented brand is equivalent to a significant market expansion, since when it comes to the sale of aircraft, CESSNA occupies around 60 to 65% of sales annual, which translates into that of every 10 products sold, 6 or 7 correspond to this brand.

Deepening the representation of Cessna, it is important to mention that Aviaservice has certification for sale of all products of the brand, but not when it comes to service, although it is aimed at, the certification of the brand it does not cover the entire service topic.

In the future it is possible that Aviaservice will absorb the entire representation in the service area since currently, the strongest pillar of the company, is the service. In Venezuela, it operates a workshop in which around 150 clients are serviced by aircraft permanently and 40 customers eventually. The national talller has a capacity of attention that goes from 15 to 16 airplanes to the month, that can be all the models of Beechcraft and two or three models to pistón of the Cessna mark.
The Venezuelan economic market has always been one of the most interesting for Cessna, particularly due to the demand for Jet Citation type models, a line highly recognized and accepted in the country. In the words of the Director of Operations of Aviaservice, Carlos Díaz “In the Venezuelan market the sale of Cessna in the country means a very important growth, so much so that we would easily represent 70% of sales of new aircraft nationally.”

Aviaservice is living a great moment of triumph betting on the country, currently also working on the activation of a workshop in Puerto Rico, which is expected to be soon operational to meet the demand for service of the company. From now on, hand in hand with its new represented brand, Cessna of Textron Aviation, intends to continue demonstrating that Venezuela can recover the place of honor in the global aeronautical market.